Effetti positivi del testosterone

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22 Febbraio 2015
Definizione e Usi del Testosterone
8 Marzo 2015

Effetti positivi
 del testosterone

Il testosterone ha numerosi effetti positivi a livello fisico e psicologico.

  • Spirito competitivo
  • Resistenza alla fatica
  • Crescita muscolare
  • Aumento della forza
  • Stimolazione sessuale
  • Riduzione dello stress
  • Recupero più rapido



Here are some positive effects of testosterone:

Testosterone’s anabolic effects greatly favor the renewal of muscle tissue, enabling muscle growth.

Better blood oxygenation, linked to increases in the number of red-blood cells, causes a feeling of “well-being” and thus impacts your state of mind (sense of well-being, resistance to stress, stronger competitive spirit, etc.).

The brain has receptors in the cortex, which is why testosterone gives men a certain “vigor“.
There are also receptors in the limbic lobe which is responsible for desire, and in the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus, which controls erections. This explains why testosterone affects your libido.

As part of a steroid treatment, testosterone produces strong anabolic effects, which facilitate a rapid and energetic increase in muscle mass and strength.  70% of cycles are based on testosterone.

Testosterone acts on protein syntheses, which are essential for rebuilding muscle cells and stimulating chemical reactions in each muscle cell.

Testosterone also stimulates the creation of red blood cells.
If there are more red blood cells to distribute oxygen and recover carbon dioxide, the muscle is oxygenated for longer and recovers more quickly.

The Positive effects of testosterone throughout your life:

We saw in the introduction to this site that testosterone follows us throughout our lives and influences physical and psychological traits at certain moments.

In children:

Testosterone levels are almost equal in male and female children and has no apparent influence. So far a study on nursery children showed that boys are explorers. They cannot sit still while girls can concentrate on their work.

This may be due to an influence on the receptors, but this has yet to be explained.



In adolescence:

This is when the difference between girls and boys becomes most pronounced as testosterone defines their sexual traits.
The first erections, voice changes, pubic hairs, and initial sexual desires occur during this period
Boys will develop more testosterone while girls will produce estrogen.

In young adults:

Testosterone levels peak between the ages of 25 and 30. Increased sexual desire, strength, competitiveness and even resistance to fatigue will be more pronounced during this stage of life.
Some studies even suggest a correlation between testosterone levels and aggression.
A stressed individual can see testosterone levels fall due to overproduction of Cortisol.

After age 40:

As testosterone levels fall you will suffer more from stress, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and lower libido.

Muscles will be weaker and less “hard”.

No need to panic, this is simply the normal cycle of life.

Testosterone injections are the most effective way to remedy this decrease and return your old vigor, while consulting your doctor of course.

For those in the 40s and above, a prostate check-up is necessary before beginning a testosterone treatment.

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